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01 Mar 2016

DTU Vet i ‘Cell Reports’: New insights into lymphoid stromal cells

New insights into lymphoid stromal cells

In the upcoming issue of Cell Reports, researchers from, DTU Vet the National Veterinary Institute presents new insights into the composition and development of lymphoid stromal cells, the building blocks of lymphoid organs and master regulators of their function.

Lymphoid stromal cells consist of multiple specialized subsets and Sitnik et al. provide evidence that such subsets can collectively arise from a population of CD34+ perivascular stromal progenitors localized in the outermost layer of blood vessel wall, the adventitia.

Primary and secondary lymphoid organs, such as the thymus, lymph nodes and spleen, play key roles in the development and regulation of immunity and tolerance. In addition, tertiary lymphoid structures are lymph node-like lymphoid aggregates of unknown origin that develop ectopically in association with chronic inflammatory diseases (ex. diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis) as well as cancer, and are thought to impact on disease pathology.

The authors show that CD34+ adventitial cells are commonly present in the thymus, lymph nodes and spleen, highlighting a potential role for these cells in the homeostasis of primary and secondary lymphoid organ stroma. CD34+ adventitial cells were also detected in multiple non-lymphoid tissues implicating these cells as a putative ubiquitous source of progenitors giving rise to tertiary lymphoid structure stroma and a potential attractive target for immunomodulatory therapies aimed at aiding the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer.

Read the article: Context dependent development of lymphoid stroma from adult CD34+ adventitial progenitors on http://www.cell.com/cell-reports/fulltext/S2211-1247(16)30136-X

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