DANSK BIOTEK organizes four major plenary meetings for our members throughout the year to increase our members' knowledge regarding specific biotech topics and to facilitate networking. The events usually take place in February, May, September and November.

We also organize approximately six "saloon" meetings annually. They are small, intimate, "meet the expert" meetings with typically 6-20 participants advocating more in-depth discussion and knowledge-sharing on specific themes.

23 Oct 2014

Genomics and Future Healthcare Conference

Genomics and Future Healthcare Conference November 26th 2014

The conference is hosted by the GenomeDenmark platform and primarily targets an audience interested in applications of genomics in diagnostics, drug development and in the future Danish healthcare system. Speakers include internationally leading experts covering topics from the benefits of genomics to its future applications and associated challenges. The conference flyer and program is attached.

Venue: Copenhagen Towers, Oerestads Boulevard 114-118, DK-2300 Copenhagen S

Registration: http://www.genomedenmark.dk/konference/
Registration is free of charge. Please register latest November 14th.

GenomeDenmark is a national sequencing and bioinformatics platform involving universities, hospitals and private companies. The main purpose of the platform is to build infrastructures and know-how for large-scale genomics to enable continued cutting edge genomics research in Denmark. This goal is realized through investments in sequencing equipment and super computers, building of know-how as well as coordination of national efforts. The platform is established via two large demonstration projects aiming to demonstrate application of large-scale genomics in biological fields relevant to diagnostics, medicine and future healthcare. The projects concern identification of unknown pathogens involved in cancer formation and the construction of a high-quality Danish reference genome, respectively. Platform infrastructure and know-how can be assessed through collaboration with platform partners.

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