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19 Apr 2016

European Biotechnology Congress — Krakow, Poland

The Danish Embassy in Warsaw is arranging a group participation and B2B meetings for the Danish biotechnology companies during 17th European Congress on Biotechnology in Krakow with the aim to introduce them to the Polish market.

• Participating in the big biotechnology high level event
• Gaining contacts to new partners in Poland
• Having insight into the market potential

About European Congress on Biotechnology:
The 17th European Biotechnology Congress is organized in Krakow by the European Federation of Biotechnology on 3 to 6 July 2016.

The Congress will bring together the international scientific community and many segments of the biotech industry to provide a platform for exchanging ideas in biotechnology and its applications. It is anticipated that up to 1000 researchers, industrialists and academicians from around the world will attend this conference to share the latest findings and to learn about novel products and breakthroughs.

About Market Visit and subsidies:
The Market Visit is a Danish government subsidized program, which aims at supporting Danish small and medium-sized enterprises.

We found out that visiting Krakow, participating in the 17th European Biotechnology Congress and having individual B2B meetings along with individual objectives/requirements will be interesting and beneficial for Danish biotechnological companies. The meetings will be arranged prior to the Congress and companies will be contacted already in May about it.

As a participant of the Market Visit program you will get a better understanding of your perspective and services in Poland and create a solid network for future business.

The main objective of the visit is to provide a base for your company’s growth on the Polish market

For information and registration, please send e-mail to izakle@um.dk
Izabela Aleksandra Klebek
Senior Commercial Advisor – Healthcare & Industry
Direct: +48 22 565 29 16 / Mobile: +48 609 824 587

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