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05 Apr 2016

Glycobiology and Carbohydrate Biotechnology — Meeting

Glycobiology and Carbohydrate Biotechnology


Date Thursday, May 26 – Friday, May 27, 2016
Location Hotel Munkebjerg, Vejle
Organizers Danish Biotechnological Society
Carbohydrates are essential for life of all living cells. With functional roles in biological processes and interactions they are of significant importance to human health and nutrition, and to symbiotic activity in the digestion system. Glycans play major roles for the pharmacokinetic properties of therapeutic glycoproteins. Recent pharmaceutical efforts are aimed at producing recombinant glycoproteins with simple and more homogeneous glycan structures in order to avoid immunogenicity and improve uptake and circulatory half-life. The present conference will focus on the latest developments in glycobiology and glycomics in relation to pharma, nutrition and analytical methods:

-Glycan biosynthetic pathways
-Glyco-engineering of production cell lines
-Glycosylation of therapeutic proteins
-Health and pharma

Immuno therapy
-Cancer treatment
-Carbohydrates in relation to synbiotics and nutrition

Human milk oligosaccharides
-Synbiotics: prebiotics and probiotics,
-Microbial carbohydrate transporters and metabolomics
-Analysis methods and technology

Glycoarray analyses
Mass spectrometry
Structure elucidation

Speakers confirmed
-Birte Svensson, Enzyme and Protein Chemistry, DTU Systems Biology, DK
-Carl H. June, University of Pennsylvania, USA
-Hans Wandall, Glycomics Centre, KU, DK
-Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen, DTU Biocehmical Engineering, DK
-Lars Bode, USCD, USA
-Nico Callewaert, University of Gent, Belgium-
-Niels Banke, Glycom, DK
-Norbert Sprenger, Nestlé Research Center, Nestec Ltd, CH
-Richard D. Cummings, Harvard Center for Glycoscience, Boston, USA
-Susanne Brix Pedersen, DTU Systems Biology, DK

The conference includes a poster session as well as a commercial exhibition of equipment, consumables and services to Danish biotechnology.

The conference is organised in collaboration with Danish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Registration on-line will start December 1, 2015 at www.biokemi.org

Regular fee
Members of DBS or DSBMB: 3200 kr, Non-members : 3700 kr

Reduced fee for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students
Members of DBS or DSBMB: 1600 kr, Non-members 2100 kr

Deadline for poster abstracts and registration: April 10, 2016.

» Register here

Anne Dalgaard, IDA Netværkscenter, Kalvebod Brygge 31 – 33, DK-1780 Kbh V, Tel.: 33 18 46 34, Fax: 33 18 48 99, e-mail: ada@ida.dk.

Danish Biotechnological Society (DBS) is a scientific society established in 2006 in collaboration between Danish Biotechnology Forum and The Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. DBS is organised as part of The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA Biotechnology. The purpose of DBS is to facilitate networking within the field of biotechnology in Denmark, creating links between universities, research institutions, hospitals and companies. DBS represents professionals working with biotechnology and seeks to promote and communicate important issues on biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular biology to the public. DBS organises scientific conferences and meetings on biotechnology.

Working group members
Anders Vagnø Pedersen, Right Level Pharma Consult
Carola Heesemann, DTU / SBE
Cecilia Thomas, KU
Eric Paul Bennett, KU
Holti Kellezi, Novo Nordisk /Synapse
Jochen Förster, Novo Center for Biosustaninability, DTU
Lars Haastrup Pedersen, AaU
Leif Schauser, Qiagen Aarhus
Niklas Cvetanovski, COBIS
Nils Joakim Færgemann, SDU
Peter Kristensen AU
Søren Spanner, COBIS
Verena Volf, DTU / SBE.

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