• Algiecel Invitation opening ceremony TI - 8 June 2022

ALGIECEL pilot plant opening ceremony at the Danish Technological Institute

starts:08/06/2022 ends:08/06/2022 from:14:00 to:16:00 address:Teknologisk Institut, bygning 7, Gregersensvej 1, 2630 Taastrup email: www: Link >> Import to calendar
Teknologisk Institut, bygning 7, Gregersensvej 1, 2630 Taastrup
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Venue: Teknologisk Institut, bygning 7, Gregersensvej 1, 2630 Taastrup

Date: 08/06/2022

Time: 14:00 - 16:00


To celebrate the opening of the mobile ALGIECEL pilot plant at the Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup, Denmark, ALGIECEL invite you to take part in the opening ceremony.

Focus will be on the green transition and sustainability. ALGIECEL has developed a mobile photobioreactor with which photosynthesizing microalgae allow the conversion of CO2 into biomass. The products can be usefully applied in animal feed and human food. The solution has been made mobile and can thus easily be installed at e.g. biogas or fermentation plants where CO2 emissions can be matched by a number of installed ALGIECEL units – Carbon Capture has been turned into a service.

The pilot photobioreactor is set up and developed in cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute, which has secured access to laboratories, facilities and competencies within the microalgae cultivation area. With this opening, CEO Juan Farré from the Danish Technological Institute marks the establishment of an ecosystem giving new companies access to an integrated platform of testing and demonstration facilities within the space of future foods and the green transition. Jens Nielsen, CEO of the Bioinnovation Institute Foundation, and Mads Kragh, CEO of Business Hub Zealand, will participate as keynote speakers.

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