DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK members’ meeting: Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) – the new black!

starts:23/11/2017 ends:23/11/2017 from:14:30 address:Gubra, Hørsholm Kongevej 11B, 2970 Hørsholm price:Free of charge for the members, Non members: 500 DKK Import to calendar
Gubra, Hørsholm Kongevej 11B, 2970 Hørsholm
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  • 14:30
    Registration and networking
  • 15:00
    Welcome by Martin Bonde, Chairman DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK
  • 15:10
    "NASH: The what, the why and the how to help" by Dr. Philip Just Larsen, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Diabetes Research and Translational Science, Sanofi-Aventis
  • 15:50
    "Joining the NASH frenzy? Overview of the hottest NASH targets and some animal model insights" by Dr. Niels Vrang, MD, PhD, Co-founder and Chairman, Gubra ApS
  • 16:30
    "NASH: The Novo Nordisk perspective" by Peter Kurtzhals, PhD, Senior Vice President, Novo Nordisk
  • 17:10
    Networking and refreshments
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Venue: Gubra, Hørsholm Kongevej 11B, 2970 Hørsholm

Date: 23/11/2017

Time: 14:30

Gubra and DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK will be serving snacks and refreshments

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