Hoba Therapeutics

Hoba Therapeutics was established in 2017 with seed funding from Novo Holdings and Borean Innovation. Our focus is to develop novel biopharmaceuticals and improve the treatment of chronic neurological disorders.

HB-086 and HB-097 are recombinant drug candidates of human Meteorin and human Cometin (meteorin-like protein). This family of proteins have unique therapeutic properties and act on sensory nerve cells and their supporting glia cells.

HB-086 is in late preclinical development and is expected to enter clinical development in late 2022. Target indications are CIPN and trigeminal neuralgia.

HB-097 is in development for sensorineural hearing loss. Clinical phase 1 is planned for 2023.

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Torsten M. Madsen


Ole Maaløes Vej 3, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark



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