IMMUNITRACK is founded upon world-leading academic research on MHC-epitope binding. Using our deep knowledge in this area, we have developed the proprietary epitope screening platform technology, NeoScreen®. NeoScreen® accurately assays the affinity and stability of MHC/epitope interactions, and the technology has the capacity to rapidly screen libraries with thousands of (neo-)epitopes for applications within immune-oncology, vaccine production, T cell therapies and immune monitoring.

IMMUNITRACK’s mission is to provide the pharmaceutical industry and research community with technology and reagents to select or redesign drug candidates during early R&D and to monitor the effects of lead drug candidates on patient immune responses. Besides being a service provider, we are also a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of MHC tetramers.

IMMUNITRACK actively collaborates with some of the leading research groups within immuno-oncology  as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Contact name:

Stephan Thorgrimsen


Lersø Parkallée 42, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

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