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Xplico was established back in 2005 with the purpose of structure and standardize the valuation process to an easy and supportive exercise. Xplico has today become the valuation partner of choice in EU and US supporting more than 75 biotech and pharma companies on a day to day basis. In 2017 Xplico was involved in more than 20 deals with a deal value excluding royalties exceeding $ 7 billion and did more than 25 project and company valuations. Xplico provides both a biotech package including valuation tool, training and support and consulting work valuating assets or companies in the life science industry.

We have developed the first standardized Excel-based valuation tool (Xplico Evaluator) with integrated risk assessment and powerful analysis features. The tool is very flexible and easy-to-use and can be used for partnering or/and valuation of internal development projects but also for enterprise valuation.

Our latest tool Xplico Captable with waterfall analysis keeps track and shows the various stakeholders’ values in connection with (potential) funding rounds and exits.

You will be able to find further information about Xplico, the valuation tools and our services at our website www.xplico.com.

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Uffe Boesen


Naverland 1C, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark


+45 61716935



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