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01 Nov 2021

Become an Industry Mentor

Hereby an invitation to partake the BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme as an industry mentor, enabling you, your colleague and/or your company to

  1. Tap into curiosity-driven research in academia
  2. Network and establish new collaborations with outstanding basic researchers at the University of Copenhagen and clinical researchers at the regional hospitals (Capital Region and Region Zealand)
  3. Work together with a fully financed postdoc on a translational research project that you define together with the academic and clinical project mentors
  4. Enhance the recruitment potential of future candidates for positions in your company


The BRIDGE – Translational Excellence Programme aims to educate and encourage translational scientists (postdocs) to drive translational research from basic discoveries at universities to clinical medicine at hospitals and in the life science industry, and vice versa. By doing so, the overall goal is to facilitate strengthened collaboration between all three sectors, i.e. healthcare, academia and the life sciences industry, and thus enhance the mobility of talented researchers to conduct excellent translational research within all of the aforementioned sectors.

– three steps to apply

  1. Construct a project ‘Mentor Team’ by reaching out to a basic scientist from UCPH and/or clinical scientist from a regional hospital (Regions H/S), and together define a research project proposal
  2. Find a candidate for your project (or register the project before 30 November 2021 so we can help you find a candidate)
  3. Submit your application by 28 February 2021 (read more here)


  • Two-year postdocs fully financed by BRIDGE and appointed at the University of Copenhagen incl. DKK 50.000 annum to cover costs not covered within the programme
  • Collaboratively defined translational research projects developed to bridge the three sectors
  • Two or three project mentors from basic science (UCPH, man¬datory), clinical science (regional hospital) and the life science industry (Denmark, Skåne), all actively involved in research
  • Academic Curriculum – fellows dedicate 20 percent of their time on 15 courses specifically designed train fellows in applying discoveries from basic biomedical research, from the laboratory and preclinical studies, to the development of trials and studies in humans, ultimately leading to new therapies.


The 14 annually appointed fellows spend 80 per cent of their time pursuing a translational research project and 20 per cent on an Academic Curriculum covering basic bio¬medical, clinical and life science industry topics. The fellow will be situated at and appointed to SUND/UCPH but will liaise across the two/three organisations and thus help tie you all together, advance on the research project, provide you with great networking opportunities and access to one another’s infrastructure and research environments during the fellowship.


Deadline to register Mentor Team and project synopsis to openly list your project for potential applicants: 30 November 2021
Deadline for final submission of application w/ or w/o a designated candidate: 28 February 2022


Please direct any questions via email to bridge@sund.ku.dk or, alternatively, call the Programme Coordinator, Danny Damsgaard, on telephone: +45 93 50 92 65.

  • BRIDGE - What's in it for us - Become an industry mentor

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