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09 Jul 2020

Commercializing products in the U.S. marketplace – Educational Web Series

Are you a start-up and early-stage MedTech company interested in commercializing your products in the U.S. marketplace ?

Then you can learn more about the complex process of reimbursement, regulatory and clinical processes in the U.S and the steps to success.

JGS is a strategic clinical, regulatory and reimbursement consultancy for MedTech and Life Science companies. JGS uniquely combine programs for development, implementation and

JGS Group offers two types of educational webinars:

1. A complete high-level overview of a holistic approach to US commercialization including:

  • Reimbursement
  • Regulatory
  • Clinical Trial Design and
  • Implementation

2. A general overview of the commercialization process in the US. JGS Group offers

Read more in the attached explanation of JGS Groups webinars.

For more information and to request a customized educational webinar for your company please contact Vice President Susan Murray on susan@jgsgroup.com or phone 001 949 394 6741.

  • JGS Group Webinar Brochure

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