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10 Jun 2020

Dansk Standard: Invitation to participation in development of the future Biotech standards

Are you interested in being part of developing the future Biotech standards ?

Dansk Standard is currently developing the standards within the Biotech area and is looking for interested parties in the industry who would like to hear more about the process and potentially participate in the development itself.

Currently the following standards are being worked on:

1. ISO/CD 23033 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Cell Characterization – General guide for characterization of human cells for therapeutic applications

2. ISO/CD 21973 [Under development]
Biotechnology – General requirements for transportation of cells for therapeutic use

3. ISO/CD 21710 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Data management and publication in microbial biological resource centers

4. ISO/DTR 20386 [Under development]
Inventory of biotechnology-related terms

5. ISO/AWI TS 23565 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Bioprocessing – General requirements and considerations for equipment systems used in manufacturing of cellular therapeutic products

6. ISO/WD 20691 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Requirements for data formatting and description in the life sciences for downstream data processing and integration workflows

7. ISO/WD 20397-2 [Under development]
Biotechnology – General requirements for massive parallel sequencing – Part 2: Methods to evaluate the quality of sequencing data

8. ISO/AWI TS 22859-1 [Under development]
Biotechnology – General guidelines for biobanking human MSCs – Part 1: Derived from umbilical cord

9. ISO/AWI TS 20388 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Biobanking – The Collection, processing, storage and transportation criteria for animal genetic resources

10. ISO/AWI TS 23105 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Biobanking – The collection, processing, storage and transportation technology criteria for plant genetic resources

11. ISO/AWI TR 22758 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Biobanking – Implementation guide for ISO 20387

12. ISO/AWI 21709 [Under development]
Biotechnology – Biobanking – Process and quality requirements for establishment, maintenance and characterization of mammalian cell lines

Please contact Maibritt Agger mag@ds.dk if you wish to participate in the process or for further information.

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