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13 May 2024

Data from the first human study demonstrate excellent performance of Zerion Pharma’s Dispersome® technology

May 13, 2024 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark). Zerion Pharma A/S (“ZERION”) today announces positive
results from the first human clinical study of a Dispersome® formulation of the drug Ivacaftor, a
pharmaceutical used to treat cystic fibrosis. The study was conducted by ZERION’s Spanish partner
Insud Pharma, a global leader in generic and branded pharmaceuticals.

The clinical study was a comparative oral bioavailability pilot study designed to assess the
pharmacokinetic parameters of two different Ivacaftor Dispersome® formulations relative to the
approved product Kalydeco® 150 mg film-coated tablets (Ivacaftor). Ivacaftor is formulated as a
polymeric amorphous solid dispersion in Kalydeco®


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