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19 Jan 2017

Forward Pharma Agrees to Enter Into Settlement and License Agreement with Biogen

  • Biogen will pay Forward a non-refundable cash fee of $1.25 billion
  • Forward may be eligible to receive royalties of 10% of net sales of Tecfidera beginning in 2021, and of 20% of net sales beginning in 2029, depending on the outcome of certain existing litigation and the receipt of regulatory approvals

Forward Pharma A/S (NASDAQ:FWP) announced that it has entered into a binding agreement with two wholly owned subsidiaries of Biogen, Inc. and certain other parties to enter into a Settlement and License Agreement (the “License Agreement”) subject to the approval of Forward’s shareholders and certain other limited customary conditions.  Biogen will pay Forward a non-refundable cash fee of $1.25 billion in connection with the execution and delivery of the License Agreement.  Under certain circumstances, Biogen will also be obligated to pay Forward royalties of up to 10-20% of net sales of Biogen products, including Tecfidera, approved for the treatment of multiple sclerosis that are covered by a Forward patent and have dimethyl fumarate (“DMF”) as an active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The License Agreement does not resolve the issues pending in the interference proceeding between Forward and Biogen that is currently pending at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “Interference Proceeding”) or the opposition proceeding against Forward’s European patent EP 2801355 (Application No. 14172398.1) (the “Opposition Proceeding”).  Biogen and Forward intend to permit the PTAB and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, as applicable, and the European Patent Office and the Technical Board of Appeal and the Enlarged Board of Appeal, as applicable, to make final determinations in the proceedings before them.  The non-refundable fee of $1.25 billion to be paid by Biogen is not conditional on the outcome of either proceeding.

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