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13 Mar 2023

How much is a Senior Research Scientist paid? Find the answer in The Danish Biotech Salary Survey 2023.

Finding the right balance between salary costs and the ability to attract and retain key talent is crucial to company performance in our industry. For this you need market data.

The upcoming Danish Biotech Salary Survey will give you unique insights in 20 biotech specific jobs such as Research Scientist, Laboratory Technician, Project Manager, Patent Attorney, QA Manager, and Biostatistician.

Danish Biotech Salary Survey in short:

  • A salary survey specifically developed for the conditions in the Danish biotech industry
  • Tailor-made job catalogue with hard to find data for biotech specific jobs
  • Detailed data on salary components, including incentive plans, pension and company car
  • Salary data segmented after geography and company size

Introduction webinar
All interested parties are invited to an introduction webinar on Tuesday, March 28 from 10:00-10:30. Please register here.

How to participate in the survey
Send an email to Stine Normann at stine@klarreward.com to receive the submission kit. Please use the same address if you have questions regarding the survey.

Members of DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK get a discount. All prices are listed in the attached document.

The survey is produced by Klar Reward Agency in collaboration with DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK. Klar Reward Agency is the largest producer of industry specific salary surveys, producing among others the Lif Salary Survey for The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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