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02 May 2022

LINK Medical, the Northern European CRO has raised capital to fund further growth

May 2, 2022, LINK Medical and Serendipity Partners announce a new partnership.

Serendipity Partners (Serendipity) has been invited as part owner of LINK Medical. Serendipity now owns 49% of the shares, however Dr. Ola Gudmundsen will stills hold the majority of the shares. The transaction is mainly structured as a share issue, where Serendipity provides growth capital to LINK Medical.

LINK Medical and Serendipity share the vision of building a strong Northern European CRO.

For almost 27 years, LINK Medical has grown steadfastly, one step after the other. The funds generated have been invested into growing the company, making LINK Medical today one of the largest independent CROs in the Nordics.

To enable further growth and provide new competencies to the company, Ola Gudmundsen has decided to invite Serendipity as co-owners and long-term investors in LINK Medical.

“I have known the founders of Serendipity Partners for many years. As an investment fund specializing in life science, and with a base in Oslo, Serendipity Partners is the best partner for us. More than just capital, they can add knowledge and competence, as Serendipity is run by medical doctors, pharmacists, and others with an extensive experience in pharma or biotech industries. For a long time, I have worked with Serendipity to make sure that this partnership is a good fit for us, and we are all very enthusiastic to have found a common platform for cooperation.” says Dr. Ola Gudmundsen.

Michael Bodd from Serendipity Partners will be the chairman of the board in LINK Medical. His colleague Christopher Tangen will also join the board, alongside Ola Gudmundsen and Renee Amundsen.

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