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27 Sep 2021

PILA PHARMA presents at Aktiespararna September 28th 2021 at CET 16:30

PILA PHARMA was listed on Nasdaq First North on July 15. After just over two months, it is time for CEO Dorte X. Gram to make a status update and present how the company is doing with the exciting development of a new drug for type 2 diabetes.

PILA PHARMA therefore participates in Aktiespararna’s event Aktiedagen Lund, Tuesday, September 28, at 16.30.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK member’s are invited to take part in the presentation live on the web, via www.aktiespararna.se/tv/live. The event is open to everyone and does not require membership in Aktiespararna. No pre-registration is required to follow the event digitally.

Please, take the opportunity to ask your questions to Dorte by sending an SMS to +46 079 – 347 98 45 or email event@aktiespararna.se. Your questions will be conveyed by Aktiespararna’s moderator in connection with the presentation. You can submit your questions now or in connection with the presentation.

Dorte X. Gram will hold the presentation in English.

For more information:
Dorte X. Gram, CEO
M: +46 (0)73 903 6969
E: dxg@pilapharma.com

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