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02 Jul 2019

Resetting the ambition for biotechnology in the EU

Brussels, 2 July 2019

Today, as the new European Parliament meets for its inaugural session in Strasbourg, EuropaBio publishes its Biotechnology Industry Manifesto 2019

The manifesto calls upon EU decision makers to reset the ambition for a healthier, more resource efficient, technology driven Europe.

Biotechnology is already a transformative EU asset, significantly addressing unmet medical needs, enabling smarter, more efficient use of natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quantity and quality of food and feed.

But huge potential remains untapped for delivering new and innovative solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.
Commenting on the manifesto, EuropaBio Secretary General, Joanna Dupont-Inglis said:

”Time is now of the essence in addressing the grand challenges facing Europe and the wider world. The EU Biotech community is already fully engaged in this work and, with the right political support and regulatory framework, can play an even greater role. For this, we need to foster an ecosystem which encourages innovation, builds trust, protects IP, attracts and unlocks investment and develops a coherent EU life sciences and biotechnology strategy.”

EuropaBio calls on the EU’s new political leadership to be bold and decisive in its decision making, fostering innovative biotechnology to benefit people and planet.

Read the full Biotechnology Industry Manifesto 2019 here.


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