Here are the most frequently asked questions to and answers from DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK works actively to provide its members with the best conditions for researching, developing and producing in Denmark.

This means that DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK actively disseminates knowledge of biotechnology, participates in the public debate and engages with politicians in areas that are of major importance to the biotech industry.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK has two categories of members: full members and associate members.

A company can be registered as a full member if it researches, develops or produces pharmaceuticals or other products that are essentially based on biotechnology.

In addition, the parent companies to biotech companies and venture companies that actively own biotech companies can be registered as full members.

Companies that provide advice to a significant extent or other form of support for biotech companies can be registered as associate members.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK has more than 100 members.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK was established in 1987 as an industry association for Danish biotech companies, with the aim of promoting the possibilities for biotechnological research, development and production in Denmark and taking care of corporate interests in this regard, both nationally and internationally.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK strives to be visible to the public when it comes to conditions for biotechnology. The organization has helped set the agenda in several areas.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK has influenced several decisions on state funding for innovative research and entrepreneurship and has contributed to the wording of rules and regulations regarding biotechnological patenting, research and production in Denmark and Europe.

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK participates actively in biotechnological analyzes, such as ‘Analysen om Rammebetingelser for Hovedstaden’. In addition, DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK has in collaboration with LIF prepared an analysis of clinical research in Denmark.

The annual membership fee is dependent on the number of employees in the company. For associated members there is a fixed price:

  • Less than 10 employees: DKK 4,000
  • Between 10 and 200 employees: DKK 10,000
  • More than 200 employees: DKK 20,000
  • Associated members: DKK 10,000

DANISH BIO – DANSK BIOTEK arranges 3-4 members’ meetings anually.

Several members’ meetings are held at the facilities of a member, who then has the opportunity to present its company.

Biotechnology is knowledge about biological and chemical processes used technologically in research, analysis, development or production.

Biotechnology is:

  • when using microorganisms or enzymes as active ingredients in products
  • when changing the genetic composition of organisms
  • or when using biological principles in analytical techniques.

Industrial biotechnology researches, develops and produces environmentally friendly technologies and processes for the production of food and other consumer goods, as well as heating and transport fuels.

Danish industrial biotechnology, which produces more than 70% of the total production of industrial enzymes in the world, stands out globally with innovative, energy-efficient, resource-saving solutions to replace traditional solutions in a number of areas.

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